“Ne potrebuješ terapije, če imaš motor, kakršenkoli motor!” – Dan Aykroyd



Mis Moto, Jurij Zupančič s.p., Češnjevek 42, 4207 Cerklje na Gorenjskem, here after referred as lessor, rents to the lessee vehicle under the provisions and conditions which are subject to this agreement and terms and conditions published on internet page www.mis-moto.si and to which lessee is familiar and his signature on the front page of this agreement acknowledges it.


  • a person with valid driving license in Slovenia
  • a person authorized with by agreement


  • for the transport of passengers and cargo for revenue
  • to participate in racing or riding on racing tracks
  • for driving outside roads intended for road transport
  • for further lease to third parties
  • if the driver is under the influence of alcohol, drugs or other prohibited substances
  • if the vehicle is not technically complete or is overloaded with passengers and luggage
  • at a speed greater than permitted

The lessee is bound by the terms and conditions of this agreement in order to compensate the lessor for damages which would result not respecting these conditions. The amount and price of damage will be determined by the lessor according to the information about the cost of repair from the authorized service for the individual motorcycle model.


The motorcycle is an inevitable property of the lessor at any time. The lessee takes it in perfect condition with the equipment required by the law and necessary documents, which he confirms by the signature. The lessee is bound that he will return the motorcycle in the state in which it was handovered to lessee. Lessee will return landed motorcycle at the place where it was handovered to the lessee on the day and at the time specified in the agreement. If not, the lessor has the right to charge an additional 100% of the regular price of rent for a day.


Renting is charged under conditions, that are published on price list or in accordance with the agreement between lessor and lessee. Extension is possible only under lessor´s conditions.


Lessee bounds that he will take care of vehicle and will regularly check the level of engine oil, oil in the automatic transmission box (if applicable), cooling fluid, brake fluid and tyre pressure.


Lessee bounds that he will inform the lessor about any malfunction of vehicle, and the lessor will provide instructions about further actions. The vehicle can be serviced only by lessor or by authorized service for individual model if the lessor agrees. In such case all original invoices for changed parts must be handovered to the lessor. If the service is not done accordingly, lessor will not recognize the costs. Eventual damage that would occur as a result of not following instructions of lessor and this agreement will be settled by lessee.


Fuel is not included in the rent price. Lessee is bounded that he will return the same amount of fuel as he got it at a takeover of the vehicle. If not, the lessor has the right to charge the price for the missing amount of fuel and additional fueling cost up to 100% of price of missing fuel.


The vehicle is insured under conditions of Zavarovalnica Triglav (AOD, AOP, NMV, ZRN). In case of damage, loss (theft) of vehicle or parts of the vehicle and in case of fire, the lessee is fully responsible for rented vehicle up to the value of the vehicle according to Eurotax or up to the amount determined by the authorized service for the vehicle model which is required to return the vehicle condition as it was before handover to the lessee. The vehicle is insured only for the time of agreement period. After an agreement expires lessor is not responsible for accidents of lessee and they are assumed as lessee´s personal matter. Regardless of the possible liability for damage to the rented vehicle, the lessee is responsible for:

  • damage caused to a vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs by the lessee
  • damage caused deliberate or in negligence (eg. Slipping from the road due to not adjusted speed,…)
  • if the driver did not have a valid driving license – lessee is fully responsible if he escapes from the place of accident – lessee has also unlimited liability for any damage that occurred if the rented vehicle is driven by an unauthorized driver, if he drives for forbidden purposes or if the driver of the vehicle was unprofessional. OBLIGATION IN CASE OF


Lessee bounds that in case of accident, he will protect the lessor´s interests and lessor´s insurance company in a way that he will:

  • record names and addresses of all persons involved, witnesses of the accident and registration numbers of the vehicles involved.
  • not admit guilt to third persons
  • call lessors and will inform him about the damage, even if it is insignificant – not leave damage vehicle until the vehicle is secured and moved to a safe place
  • call and wait for the police in case of accident , and provide first aid to possible injured persons
  • complete the European accident report, make a sketch of the accident and provide a statement on the report and will handover it to the lessor If the lessee will not proceed as stated, he will be responsible for all the consequences and damage that would result for a lessor. In case of an accident the lessor has no obligation to the lessee (free transfer from place of accident or substitute vehicle or any other compensation)


The lessor is not responsible for the lessee´s property or property of other persons that was left on the rented vehicle or aside the vehicle or at place of business of the lessor. By signing this agreement, the lessee is explicitly giving up any request that would result under this provision.


The lessee is responsible and takes over all obligations that would result in non.compliance with traffic regulations, improper parking or violation of the law during the duration of the agreement.


For driving outside Slovenia with rented Slovenia, lessee must obtain written consensus from the lessor. When rented vehicle is outside Slovenia during the night time, the lessee must ensure that the vehicle will be parked in secured garage.


Lessee bounds that he will pay the amount of rent before takeover from the lessor. In the period of the agreement it is not possible to change provisions and conditions. In case of language misunderstanding, Slovenian language prevails. Disputes arising in connection with the provisions of this agreement will be the responsibility of the District Court in Kranj. Češnjevek, 15.05.2018